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PPC is a costly part of Internet Marketing

PPC refers to pay per click . It is a very well- known part of internet marketing.Now a days PPC advertising technique is mostly used by the peoples. In PPC advertising search engines show our ads in sponsored links.

But In my opinion PPC advertising is a costly part of Internet Marketing. In PPC first of all we have to se our budget and per visit cost which we like to pay to the publisher and users. Suppose If we like to invest Rs2000 in a advertisement and we set per visit cost Rs10 then in this case we cab get 200 visits on our website and our website can get these 200 visits anytime means in a day, in a week or in a month also.There is no restriction and fix time limit for this. Once we get 200 visits then quikly after than our campaign is over and our ad has disabled.For re-enable the ads or to continue the advertising we have to again invest some money in it.Its depend on us that we want to continue our campaign or not.

I had seen that some people invest more than Rs50,000 per month in PPC advertising and some invest only Rs 5000- Rs10,000. Its totally depend on advertiser thinking.
PPC is related to present . It do not provides any type of benefit in future. Whenever we stop our PPC advertising then the traffic and benefit which we get from PPC advertisement quickly stops.

But In SEO If someone stop investing money in his website promotion after getting high ranking in search engines then in that case the benefit and traffic which he get from his web ranking not stops. Because his website ranking and backlinks provides him traffic in future.In SEO there no limit of traffic. We can get unlimited visits and traffic  on our website

Here I have only want to say that PPC is costly part of internet marketing and it demands continuous investment. So,If you have a high advertisement budget for advertisement then you can definitely use PPC technique.

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