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Facebook Introduces New Like and Share Buttons

Facebook introduces a new design for both like and share buttons to help people in sharing the content globally. If you are using a like and share button in your website then it will be automatically upgraded to the new like button. Your new like and share buttons will look like this.

Like and share button are really a important part of facebook it helps the people in sharing the content and news with other members . According to Facebook, Like and Share buttons are viewed more than 22 billion times a day and have a home on more than 7.5 million websites. Facebook’s  Ray C had said on Facebook developers blog that “we already seeing a favorable increase in Likes and Shares with the new design and will be rolling these buttons out to everyone in the coming weeks” So, If you are still not using like and sharing button on your website or blog then go through and add these buttons to increase the referral traffic of your website.

What Are Google Carousel Results and How To Optimize For Carousel

Carousel Results is basically a row of images which appears on the tops of google search result which a dark background. Currently Carousel Results contains only 20 results and it appears mainly in search results of hotels, colleges and hospitality. Suppose if you will search for “best colleges in California” in google then you will see the Carousel Results on the top of google . Below is the screenshot of it.

How Google’s Carousel affect current optimization techniques

It is safe to mention that marketers and company house owners haven't any reasons to panic and might currently rest comfortable, knowing that Google’s new improvement couldn’t risk impact the profit of native businesses. On the contrary, its main goal is to make a superior user expertise whereas growing the web presence of various native places (bars, restaurants, and so on), in spite of their size and profit margins. If you would like to preserve your competitive edge and improve reputation of your brand

Impact of Google Carousel

BrightEdge analysis shows that carousel presently impacts 14 % of keywords across all industries. Travel and welcome businesses area unit the foremost affected, with carousel results showing on 33%  of their keywords.

Restaurants area unit a detailed second, with 27 % of keywords receiving carousel results. presently we have a tendency to see carousel results showing on solely 5 % entertainment terms, however which will be expected to grow as Google rolls out the capabilities to a lot of question sorts.

How To  Optimize For Carousel

·         Set up a Google Places for Business and Google+ page.

·         Make sure that you images are high resolution, unique, and order them in terms of your priority.
·         Encourage your customers to give a review and rating to  your business on Google. Research shows that reviews play a important role of optimization in the carousel result.

·         Measure performance and establish a new baseline.

Google Penguin 2.1 Update Impacted About 1% Of Search Queries

On 4th Oct Google Rolls Out Penguin 2.1 update and it impacts plenty of websites. Matt Cutts, Google's head of search spam declare that this update affects 1% of search queries.  Penguin 2.1 seems to possess known newer link spam – those links that were created at a later date than at a later date than the Penguin 2.0.

Google Penguin 2.1 Update mainly affects the following link spam:

  • Forum biography spam: Profile of forum users which contain exact match anchor text links in their forums signature
  • Forum spam: This spam includes comments in forums with exact match anchor text links in signatures.
  • Do follow blogs: Those blogs which provide do follow  attribute to the links posted also face it .
  • Spammy directories:If you have used spam directories for getting links and your links are still present in those directories then you will also face this update, Gabe said "nuke them, have them nofollowed, or disavow them."
  • Blog comment signature spam:  If you leave signature in your blog comments then ready to face this update

Gabe's suggested top five recommendations to recover your website from Google Penguin 2.1 Update

  • Understand that Penguin heavily targets unnatural links. Your new content and group action will not trigger a recovery.
  • Thoroughly analyze your link profile, whereas keeping a keen eye on actual match and wealthy anchor text. that is what Penguin targets.
  • Remove those links if you'll, and deny the remaining links. And use the domain operator within the deny file once the domain is low-quality. Don’t try to target specific URLs on a spammy domain, after you will nuke the complete domain.
  • Make sure additional unnatural links aren’t being supplemental as time goes on. Gabe aforementioned he is had variety of business owners suppose they cleansed up their scenario, solely to urge hit tougher throughout Penguin 2.1. Once checking their link profiles, you'll clearly see additional spammy links were supplemental throughout the spring, summer, and fall. This can be what got them hit by Penguin 2.1.

Google Announced Hashtag Search Which Shows Google+ Posts On The Right Hand Side Of Search Results Page

The integration of Google+ across Google properties continues in a very huge method nowadays with the launch of hashtag search.

Simply put, if you search Google for a hashtag, you may see Google+ posts exploitation that hashtag to the proper of the regular search results.

Google’s Zaheed Sabur declared the new feature this morning on Google+, spoken language that it’s accessible at the start for English language searches on each Google.com and Google.ca.

The only posts which will show abreast of Google searches area unit people who were shared publically, or shared with you (if you’re a Google+ user). Clicking on one in all the Google+ posts leads you to Google+ wherever the search is reproduced.

By pure coincidence, a Google.com search just for the #googleglass hashtag showed a Google+ post last night from our origination editor, Danny Sullivan, within the right column.

The Google+ posts can scroll mechanically, otherwise you will management them manually via the up/down arrows at the highest.

Note, too, that Google is making an attempt to pre-empt anti-competitive claims by together with links at all-time low to try and do a similar search on different social networks. during this case, my choices were to try and do a similar search on Twitter and Facebook. It’s not clear at this time if different social networks (Instagram, Vine, etc.) are going to be other, or area unit already able to seem looking on the hashtag being employed.

How to format text in Google+

Google+ is designed to focus on one thing and one thing only: engagement.

Make your text stand out by adding a little formatting variety to your next Google+ post. Use appropriate line spacing and paragraph breaks to make it easy for readers to scan your content.

Use bold, italic and strike-through text to highlight important headings or passages and your post will stand out in the stream.

Top ten points which every webmaster have to keep in mind while making the promotion of any website

1. A website must be user friendly so that user can easily go from one page to another.The page loading timing of the website must be good.
2. Always use unique content in website and content must be useful for the users.
3. Always choose the right keyword for a website. Keyword must be related to your services and high searchable on the net.
4. Always link the keyword with th right page. For example If you are using "silk bed sheet" keyword in your signature then you have to bind this keyword with silk bed sheet page. This will improve the bounce rate and increases the chances of business conversion.
5. Avoid keyword stuffing and always use maximum 50-60 character in the title tag of your web pages.
6. If possible then use enquiry form on the front page of your website
7. Always target the right area for promotion. If you want to promote your website in UK region then use UK forums , directories and website for this.
8. Try to optimize the every page of the website. It will increase the traffic of website.
9. Never use any type of hidden link or text in the website.
10. Social networks like facebook twitter and social bookmarking programs like stumbleupon, technorati are helpful in the promotion process. So, try to maximize its uses.

Google Places and its benefits

Google Places is the service of google which provide local business listing facility. Through Google Places we can advertise our website in particular city. Google places is the good alternate of paper directories. The one thing which I like in this service is that it is totally free we do not have to pay single amount for adding our listing in Google Places. If we properly optimize our Google place page then our website will soon appears on the first page of Google.

Below you see the example of Google places. The listing which you have seen in the circle is Google Place listing. When someone search for advertising agency in new delhi then your website will shows in Google places local listing of new delhi advertising agency. If your listing is properly optimized then it will appear on the first page like below websites.

Following are the main benefits of Google Places:

1. Google place is the good way of online advertising. Through this we can advertise website in our local city.

2. Google Place is totally free.

3. It is the good choice of marketing for the new website owners . Through this new website can gain quality traffic on his website without paying anything.

4. In Google Places listing we can display important information of our company like  physical mailing address, your phone number, website name, working hours, company description, payment options etc.

5. Mobile phone and Iphone users can easily find our listing

6. It attached with the Google Map so its easy for the user to find our location.