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Role of keyword in website promotion

When we start making SEO of any website then first of all we have to select right keyword for our website because our entire SEO campaign depend on this.

Keyword plays a most important role in the promotion of website and we can use Google keyword research tool  for selecting the right keyword for our website.

Through Google keyword research tool we can check the stats of our keyword means how many people searches our keyword on internet and how many company uses that keyword for his web promotion In simple words this tool show us the competition and traffic of the keyword.So through this tool we can easily select the right keyword for our website.If we would not choose right keyword for our website then we can not get good traffic from on our website. For example

Keyword                          Competition                                 Traffic
First keyword                   Low                                             22,000 monthly searches
Second keyword               High                                             24,000 monthly searches

In this case we select first keyword for our website promotion because the competition on first keyword is low and searches is high. So If we select first keyword then we can easily achieve good SERP in search engines and also get higher traffic . On the other hand the traffic of the second keyword is higher than first keyword But If we select second keyword then in that case It is difficult to achieve a good SERP because the competition on the second keyword is really high means too many peoples are using this keyword for his web promotion and it is difficult for us to beat him in quick interval of time.      

So here I only want to say that we need to use low competitive and high searchable keyword for our website promotion. If we do this then we can get good SERP and huge traffic to our website.                         

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