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What is quality backlinks and how to make it

Quality Backlinks means those backlinks which comes from high PR websites and niche forums. Quality backlinks plays a important role in the promotion of website. Quality backlinks consist of two things first is content of post and second is PR of the website through which backlinks comes. Always keep in your mind that Google gives more priority to quality backlinks.

Suppose If we are promoting SEO tips related website then for this we need to use SEO discussion blog , SEO forums,SEM blog ,Blogs of SEOPPC blog and PPC forums for its linking.

In link building process we need to work on quality of backlinks not quantity. Some good forums which you can use for making quality backlinks are:

1. Digitalpoint.com
2. Warriorforum.com
3. V7n.com
4. Webicy.com
5. Forum.triphp.com
6. Webcosmoforums.com
7. Associateprograms.com

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